Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World!

Marketing is an amazing science which hones in on what people are spending money on. But we live in a world that seems to have gone mad! Marketing to the ages of 13 to 33 is where the money is at, because this age group does not take money seriously enough to spend responsibly. Youth is so wasted on the young!
Here are several iPhone apps that prove this point:

1) iLickit — ( a game where you lick your plate clean, or rather a picture on your iPhone that you lick the unsanitary surface and the image erases under your saliva. There is no greater pleasure wasting time today! Thank you Steve Jobs for your legacy of cultural enhancement : )
Check it out:

2) Hold On! — ( See how long you can keep your finger on a fixed point on your iPhone screen. Become a true winner with this app of patience, perseverance, and futility!

3) Crazy Eye — ( When you need to stress a point, you can select an image of a crazy eye to communicate what you are too inadequate to express with facial affect or words. Watch this:

This is only the tip of the proverbial iCeberg! It is as if aliens have landed and our future destination is unknown. At least with quilting you can make a quilt that forces viewers to ask intellectual questions! In Destination Unknown Quilt Pattern you have to think about outer space, the meaning of life, and of course is there an iPhone app for it! Happy quilting ; )

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