Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top 10 Reasons 2 Become a Quilter

Top 10 Reasons 2 Become a Quilter

Why do you quilt? Liz and I started because we were bored! Now we are quiltaholics! How about you? Over the years at our quilt lectures and classes we have heard many unique and fun reasons. It really doesn't matter why you started as long as you have fun doing it! So slow down and take some time for yourself!

10. Fabric scraps work great to clean up spills and beverage rings after a business party!

9. Get praise for being a talented stripper!

8. Confirm the existence of UFOs!

7. Learn to appreciate the joy of solitude!

6. Master the fine art of self defense while using extremely sharp objects!

5. Meet new people who share your passion for life!

4. Influence friends and family home decor with a stunning quilt or wall hanging!

3. Constant reminder of how important you are to others!

2. You alone can make a single scrap of fabric special!

1. Fabric, fabric, and more fabric!

Quilting is an art form for passionate people who love color and fabric. We find quilting to be an excellent way to express ourselves, especially our love!

Rush Hour Quilt Pattern is a fun way to use up those scraps that you can't part with. This tessellating pattern if fast and fun! Download the pattern today:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Proud To Be An American!

Wow! What a day! This afternoon Liz, Sebastian and I were returning from a vacation in Washington D.C. and we decided to gas up in Troutville, Virginia, which has some of the lowest gas prices in Virginia at $2.49 a gallon. It was 12:23 p.m. and we decided to get a quick lunch at McDonalds and when I looked up I saw James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., our 39th President, standing before me with a chicken salad on a tray. Everyone was taking pictures and the secret service men were being very diligent.
Sebastian is a real history nut and he immediately wanted to shake President Carter's hand and get a photo. I did not approach one of my heroes, because the secret agents were looking a little intimidating to me. But Sebastian had no problems walking up President Carter's table and he politely asked if he could take his picture. Rosalynn Carter was so nice and she introduced Sebastian to the president, after asking Sebastian for his name.
My heart filled with joy when I saw President Carter and Sebastian clasp hands. This day will resonate in our hearts forever!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Quilter's Heart

Do quilters care? Do you care? There are many families that struggle to express their true affection for each other. Sometimes the approval of a father or mother can change a child's life when they need it most.
Whether words don't come easily or if they are unconsciously repressed, a quilter knows a transcendent language that touches the hearts of those that they love most without words. A quilt that we stitch for another person we love is not an heirloom, but a milestone in expressing our love. Intimate and timeless, quilts give the people we love a manifestation of our love, which will comfort and protect our loved ones without us being present, especially when they need us most. I am proud to be a quilter and your friend!

Quilter's Heart was in the January/February 2005 (Issue 50) of Quilts With Style magazine. Liz designed this splendid wall hanging for me! Eight hearts are cleverly hidden in this interlocking star. Soft and sweet, this quilt makes a lovely display for Valentine's day or for your favorite quilting friend. With so few foundation paper piecing foundations and the large pieces, this quilt can easily be made in a day. Treat yourself to a day of sewing with this tempting calorie free wall hanging and share the love.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garden Gate Daisy Mum

Check out the latest addition to our Garden Gate quilt pattern collection, Garden Gate Daisy Mum, this foundation paper pieced pattern is moderately challenging, but well worth the work! This quilt inspired me and I wrote a little poem below.

To My Quilting Mistress

When you, gifted quilter
full of joy and love, awaken
The bounty of bliss and a welcome family
will open hearts and mind to me,
and unravel my quilt to be.

Fine fabric and your inspiration
will stitch a patchwork pieced with warm affection,
A quilt embodying purity
bound by the hand of love,
together we glow with pride.

Beauty that makes me weep, laugh, and share
a quilt, together we are one;
Humility grows in the heart
as my pride wanes, and you come to life
warming souls for generations to come.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Is Going On?

There have been 6 school attacks in China since March where children and teachers have been injured and killed. What is going on? As a father of an 11 year old, I am concerned about the ever growing need for more security at schools.
When I was a child we never heard about these issues, but every day there is something new to think about. As a quilter I try to stitch every quilt with love and when I give them to my family and friends they know how much I care about them and the rest of the world. How can we inspire others to follow our loving path?
Our society is growing apart and we are starting to see missing pieces in our world of love. In Connect the Dots Baby Quilt pattern that Liz and I did we wanted to create a design reflecting how life is like a puzzle. Together we complete the puzzle.
Every day I wake up I am grateful that Liz and I love each other, I am grateful that Sebastian is safe, I am grateful that we have the ability to do wonderful things, and I am grateful that I can hug the people I love most every morning. Maybe a little naive thinking can help stop this awful chain of events. Show love every chance you get. When you feel angry take a moment and think of all the blessings we have, and even the ones we take for granted, like breathing. Shake a strangers hand and say thank you. Our world needs us and we need it to keep our children safe.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Keeping The Faith Quilt

Keeping The Faith quilt is a fast and fun project that is both inspirational and stunning. Used as a religious symbol for millennia, the cross is an easily recognizable symbol of faith. Created through a contrasting pattern of light and dark fabrics, this cross seems to glow from within. Proudly display your faith by making this quick and easy wall hanging for your home.

The quilt pattern for Keeping The Faith is still available in Quilts With Style #52.

Quilter's Prayer

From generation to generation we quilt
and will continue to quilt for eternity.
We shall express our love and gratitude of life
in every stitch, every piece of fabric, every quilt.
Quilting will never leave our hearts
for every quilt embodies our spirit.
Take pride in every quilt,
find satisfaction in every stitch,
and may those around you take refuge
in your transcendent quilt.
Tenderness is born from a quilt.
Every quilt made from the heart
touches the soul of those who are blessed
to find comfort in your patchwork bliss.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Coordinating Quilt Colors

When Liz and I made Cascading Rainbows Miniature Quilt we had to think long and hard about our colors. Finally we took the plunge and placed our colors and stitched up this miniature beauty. Every quilter struggles with coordinating colors every now and again. Color theory and the art of coordinating fabric colors is essential to piecing an outstanding quilt! Coordinating colors does not mean matching colors, but selecting a range of colors that compliment the overall feeling of the quilt. When you arrange your coordinating colors in a balanced way your quilt will pop!
Every artist has a difficult time choosing colors, but today it is quite a bit easier with the use of the color wheel. Here is a link to a helpful page with basic color theory:

Whenever Liz and I have to choose fabrics for a new project we have to plan the color range that the two of us like, which can be a little bit tricky at times. Sometimes it is hard to decide on what colors coordinate and if you are in the right range for the quilt at hand. I found a fun website that has some helpful color schemes that may be fruitful to you too:

Choosing a color scheme that works for your quilt can be hard, but with a little experience and a few helpful theories you can become confident when you pick out future quilt fabrics. Always remember that you have quilt friends online who would love to help, all you have to do is ask!