Monday, April 26, 2010

Hot Embroidery Digitizing by Louis Saha

What a great father's day surprise, a new truck! Through the unique marriage of computer technology and embroidery machines you can get anything digitized for your embroidery pleasure.

This accordion embroidery is so detailed that you can almost hear music! Whether you love a lively polka by Myron Floren or John Mellencamp's The Lonesome Jubilee or Mexican cumbia of Policarpo Calle's La Porra Caimanera.

Custom embroidery digitizing is really getting to be awesome! It is amazing how vector artists have mastered the art of illustration with that of the home embroidery machine. Louis Saha is a Vector artist and he is available to do custom embroidery designs of any complexity. Check out his work!

If you are looking for any custom embroidery digitizing contact Louis Saha:!/profile.php?id=100000946331037&v=info

You may want to incorporate a few custom embroidery motifs in your next quilt! If you know of other embroidery digitizing artists let me know and I will check them out!


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