Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Refracted Light Quilt

Refracted Light Quilt
designed by Liz Schwartz and Stephen Seifert

I absolutely love Modern art, especially the work of Josef Albers. As a passionate quilter I can appreciate his words, "Color is like cooking. The cook puts in more or less salt, that's the difference." Fabric is our choice of spice which leaves impressions so deep that they touch our hearts.
In our Refracted Light Quilt Liz used scraps of fabric for this projects. We love using fabric scraps and this project screamed for them. Liz and I choose to use black as the background fabric for this quilt to give the color wheel a stained glass effect, but a white background would have been nice too.
Fashion a quilted color wheel for your sewing studio to help you create winning color schemes every time. This wall hanging is as beautiful as it is practical! Stitch a striking blossom, Giant Dahlia, by using bright florals to make this amazing alternative quilt that resembles a blossoming flower.
Some quilters have a difficult time picking fabric for quilts and if you need an instant expert you should consider asking your local quilt shop owner or an employee to assist you in choosing the right fabrics next time you visit your local quilt shop. Trial and error will help you improve your color eye and confidence.
Color is a quilters most powerful tool to convey mood, relationship, and style. Have fun with your color wheel and trust your instincts!

Quick Quilt Tip — Ask quilt shop employees for fabric color help when in doubt ; )

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