Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garden Gate Daisy Mum

Check out the latest addition to our Garden Gate quilt pattern collection, Garden Gate Daisy Mum, this foundation paper pieced pattern is moderately challenging, but well worth the work! This quilt inspired me and I wrote a little poem below.

To My Quilting Mistress

When you, gifted quilter
full of joy and love, awaken
The bounty of bliss and a welcome family
will open hearts and mind to me,
and unravel my quilt to be.

Fine fabric and your inspiration
will stitch a patchwork pieced with warm affection,
A quilt embodying purity
bound by the hand of love,
together we glow with pride.

Beauty that makes me weep, laugh, and share
a quilt, together we are one;
Humility grows in the heart
as my pride wanes, and you come to life
warming souls for generations to come.

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