Sunday, May 9, 2010

Keeping The Faith Quilt

Keeping The Faith quilt is a fast and fun project that is both inspirational and stunning. Used as a religious symbol for millennia, the cross is an easily recognizable symbol of faith. Created through a contrasting pattern of light and dark fabrics, this cross seems to glow from within. Proudly display your faith by making this quick and easy wall hanging for your home.

The quilt pattern for Keeping The Faith is still available in Quilts With Style #52.

Quilter's Prayer

From generation to generation we quilt
and will continue to quilt for eternity.
We shall express our love and gratitude of life
in every stitch, every piece of fabric, every quilt.
Quilting will never leave our hearts
for every quilt embodies our spirit.
Take pride in every quilt,
find satisfaction in every stitch,
and may those around you take refuge
in your transcendent quilt.
Tenderness is born from a quilt.
Every quilt made from the heart
touches the soul of those who are blessed
to find comfort in your patchwork bliss.

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