Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top 10 Reasons 2 Become a Quilter

Top 10 Reasons 2 Become a Quilter

Why do you quilt? Liz and I started because we were bored! Now we are quiltaholics! How about you? Over the years at our quilt lectures and classes we have heard many unique and fun reasons. It really doesn't matter why you started as long as you have fun doing it! So slow down and take some time for yourself!

10. Fabric scraps work great to clean up spills and beverage rings after a business party!

9. Get praise for being a talented stripper!

8. Confirm the existence of UFOs!

7. Learn to appreciate the joy of solitude!

6. Master the fine art of self defense while using extremely sharp objects!

5. Meet new people who share your passion for life!

4. Influence friends and family home decor with a stunning quilt or wall hanging!

3. Constant reminder of how important you are to others!

2. You alone can make a single scrap of fabric special!

1. Fabric, fabric, and more fabric!

Quilting is an art form for passionate people who love color and fabric. We find quilting to be an excellent way to express ourselves, especially our love!

Rush Hour Quilt Pattern is a fun way to use up those scraps that you can't part with. This tessellating pattern if fast and fun! Download the pattern today:

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