Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Is Going On?

There have been 6 school attacks in China since March where children and teachers have been injured and killed. What is going on? As a father of an 11 year old, I am concerned about the ever growing need for more security at schools.
When I was a child we never heard about these issues, but every day there is something new to think about. As a quilter I try to stitch every quilt with love and when I give them to my family and friends they know how much I care about them and the rest of the world. How can we inspire others to follow our loving path?
Our society is growing apart and we are starting to see missing pieces in our world of love. In Connect the Dots Baby Quilt pattern that Liz and I did we wanted to create a design reflecting how life is like a puzzle. Together we complete the puzzle.
Every day I wake up I am grateful that Liz and I love each other, I am grateful that Sebastian is safe, I am grateful that we have the ability to do wonderful things, and I am grateful that I can hug the people I love most every morning. Maybe a little naive thinking can help stop this awful chain of events. Show love every chance you get. When you feel angry take a moment and think of all the blessings we have, and even the ones we take for granted, like breathing. Shake a strangers hand and say thank you. Our world needs us and we need it to keep our children safe.

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