Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Quilter's Heart

Do quilters care? Do you care? There are many families that struggle to express their true affection for each other. Sometimes the approval of a father or mother can change a child's life when they need it most.
Whether words don't come easily or if they are unconsciously repressed, a quilter knows a transcendent language that touches the hearts of those that they love most without words. A quilt that we stitch for another person we love is not an heirloom, but a milestone in expressing our love. Intimate and timeless, quilts give the people we love a manifestation of our love, which will comfort and protect our loved ones without us being present, especially when they need us most. I am proud to be a quilter and your friend!

Quilter's Heart was in the January/February 2005 (Issue 50) of Quilts With Style magazine. Liz designed this splendid wall hanging for me! Eight hearts are cleverly hidden in this interlocking star. Soft and sweet, this quilt makes a lovely display for Valentine's day or for your favorite quilting friend. With so few foundation paper piecing foundations and the large pieces, this quilt can easily be made in a day. Treat yourself to a day of sewing with this tempting calorie free wall hanging and share the love.

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